How to use AccessDiver - find logins on many sites-WORKS!

Posted at Friday, September 25, 2009

How to use AccessDiver - find logins on many sites-WORKS!

This program checks for vulnerabilities on a site, and bruteforces it. This has a great probability of working, and if it doesn't you can load your own wordlist for bruteforcing
So first download AccessDiver from:


After you install, open it and go the the My Skill tab on the top and choose the expert level:

Now go to the Settings Tab and put these settings in. If u see the big logo in the center, double click it to disable it)
And remember to make the speed of your bot 40

Reduced: 64% of original size [ 791 x 524 ] - Click to view full image

Now save these links to a text file:


And then click on Proxy Web Leecher (in the tools menu)

When you see the light blue screen, click on the yellow folder button on the left (Add URL site to the list from a file)
Then choose the text file that you just saved. And then click start leeching on the bottom. Results are displayed below, and click on the proxy analyzer:

Right click on of the proxies on the list, then choose Select All. Now all of the proxies should be highlighted. Then click on the Speed/Accuracy Test button:

Reduced: 66% of original size [ 772 x 364 ] - Click to view full image

When finished, select them all again(if not already highlighted), and right click. From the options menu, select all of these things:
-Delete bad results and timeouts
-Delete not-operational and non-anonymous
-Delete fake and idle proxies
-Remove getaway proxies
-Remove dangerous proxies
-Detect and delete black listed proxies(not shown in the screen shot)

Now make sure all the proxies are are highlighted, and right click them and choose Add selected proxies in your proxy list. If you get an error, click ok, then you will see a new page. Check the Use Web Proxies box. Then go back to the Proxy Analyzer tab(My List), highlight them all, and click Add selected proxies in your proxy list. Now you should see this:

Now I think you can put any site in the top address bar, but only websites that require a login. For example, you can try and Press Test Basic Authentication and wait for it to finish. You can find logins in the Progression Tab. Again, this might not work on all sites. I think this program just checks for exploits on the site, then bruteforces the site, and it will give you the usernames and passwords that were found. NOTE: This program uses a wordlist to bruteforce, so if you have your own wordlist (like that 78MB one that Ra!den provided!) you can load it by clicking the Wordlist menu on top, Load> a single list of PASSWORDS.
And lol Ra!den, your wordlist was amazing!

When you paste the URL, press Test Basic Authentication on the left and wait for the program to finish - this might take about 20 minutes for a large website. You can see the % of progress on the task bar. At the end, you will find any logins that work.