Reverse Mortgage Information

Posted at Friday, February 27, 2009

Reverse mortgage is a loan that can be obtained by a senior citizen in lieu of his house. The amount of loan that one can get from a reverse mortgage money lender depends on the value of the house that the loan applicant owns. The house is the security for getting the money and the person who gets the loan does not have to move out of the house till he decides to sell his home or till his death. Make sure that you work with a good reverse mortgage lender so that you do not face any kind of problem in that. The reverse mortgage lender will undoubtedly need to have a thorough knowledge about the rate of interest for the loan and also all the other nuances connected with this. The amount of money that you can take for reverse mortgages loan depends on the equity of the house and also on the existing rate in the market.

If you looking for a website dedicated to providing senior homeowners with the tools, news and other reverse mortgage information resources needed for to make an informed decision then is the answer. is an independent site not affiliated with reverse mortgage lenders or brokers. The views and opinions expressed are theirs alone and do not constitute financial advice. You should always seek competent professional assistance when making important financial decisions. They offer you tips, news and information on reverse mortgage matters to help you assess whether a reverse mortgage is right for you and how you can get the most from a reverse mortgage. They have information about medicare supplemental insurance too. So now is the time to visit, the tools, news and resources to help seniors decide.


RM_Apply said...

Reverse mortgage is a useful estate planning tool that banks and financial institutions ought to offer making available to seniors. It's a great security for them to ensure the delivery of their pensions in the amounts they thought forthcoming.