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Posted at Friday, May 08, 2009

For all women appear to be slim and sexy longed never retrograde in their lives. There are many ways that women do look attractive slim. In addition to the way diet, exercise or perform treatment to get their ideal body, a slim section, which is not less important is to do tricks or tactics in the case of dress.

To be more slim look, choose the clothes with similar color and avoid large patterns. We recommend for flamboyant clothes, select the texture that makes the body appear more high. Choose clothing that has not a lot of buttons and accessories. Do not buy clothes that are too small or greatness. Select a V-shaped collar to effect elongate the body. When wearing the shirt, leave some of the top button, open. Use the vertical line patterns. Vertical or diagonal line that is not too close more profitable. Style stretching down make you look more slim.

As the vest, coat, cardigan below the hip, and select the piece that do not quite loose fitting body. To coat, choose a single-breasted.

Select the skirt have the A-line, the span is not too tight and without bags. Grown long in the bottom right knee.

Choose the right pants and avoid ploi from the side, back and also the rubber. We recommend wearing shorts without pockets. Wear shorts in the works as a corset so that flat stomach look.

So that the legs appear longer, adjust color skirt, stocking and shoes. Use dark color stocking so that decrease effect of fat on the legs. Avoid the big shoes and be entitled to narrow. Select the edges out, but the heel not too large.

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