Garden and Outdoor Decor Accessories

Posted at Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If you are looking for a full service garden and outdoor decor company then HG Lifestyle is the right place. Through site they offer high-quality, beautifully designed, and superior handcrafted accessories for home and garden.

Some of HG Lifestyle outdoor products designed to light up your patio including fire domes and fire pits, torches and oil lamps that will burn bright and make your patio a warm and welcoming place for you and guests. Make it easy with their vast selection of garden decor items.

Their fire domes are solidly built fire pits that can be easily set up and managed because made of copper basin with grate, stand and dome lifting rod. Their fire pits come with small, medium and large in great designs including Starry Nights, Full Moon and New Day patterns. With etched sculpted steel and feature a hammered copper basin, their fire domes are safe, sturdy and durable pieces of patio decor.

With amazing variety of HG Lifestyle's torches and outdoor lamps, give your garden a mystical and enchanting look. Their torches come with a durable fiberglass wick, copper snuffers and a polished copper or Blue Verde finish. They made of pure copper and available in a natural or patina finish. Group several torches together for a big glowing blaze or spread the torches out to mark pathways and garden trails.

Add a warm ambience to any deck, lawn, or patio with these beautiful torches and oil lamps. The oil lamps are constructed of solid copper and are available in a variety of finishes. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be all wires and bug lamps.

Wonderful collection of HG Lifestyle's pure copper oil lamps in small, medium and large sizes can provide subdued outdoor lighting when entertaining on decks and patios or spending a quiet evening in the garden. Their elegant oil lamps come in either smoothed or hammered copper finishes that can be a polished shine or natural Blue Verde patina color. Each oil lamp comes with a durable fiberglass oil wick in 8-hour, 12-hour and 48-hour burn times. Perfect for evening parties on the deck or patio or as enchanting pathway lighting in a garden solid copper oil lamps are wonderful home and garden accents.