Advertisers Get Buzz with Snapbomb

Posted at Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The trend of blog advertising has significantly grown over the last year as a new medium for companies to increase their media presence. However, the idea of bloggers being paid by companies to promote their product is relatively new. Part of the allure of blogs are their direct community input and feedback. Advertisers have just started to figure out how to inject their buzz without alienating the very target market they want to attract to their products. We think that buzz marketing or blog marketing done fairly is a valuable service to both consumer online and their customers. Buzz marketing, is highly valued by advertisers. Blog advertising can engage an important niche, enabling you to reach a critical market segment or to broaden the impact of your marketing spend. Regardless of your product, blogs can be an integral part of a marketing strategy.

Snapbomb offers advertisers generate buzz with blog marketing. Snapbomb is the fastest way to spread the word through the blogging community. They connects advertisers with bloggers willing to write honest reviews about their services and products. Benefits for advertisers include generate buzz, publicity and word-of-mouth marketing among thousands of blogs, announce your products, services, websites, and ideas to the world. The more bloggers talk about your site the better. Many blogs syndicate stories they see on other sites. Getting Reviewed by bloggers will provide advertisers with valuable feedback that advertisers can use to better understand advertisers's audience and customers.