a little bit about keyloggers

Posted at Saturday, August 09, 2008

a little bit about keyloggers

the boring background
What keyloggers do is they take note of every keystroke that the person who downloaded the keylogger types. why is this useful? you can do a couple things with a keylogger. you can use it on yourself to find out everything that people type while your not around or you can install it on someone elses machine to see everything that they type.....

find out whats being typed on your computer while your not around
find out whats being typed on someone elses computer (example girlfriend or boyfriend)
passwords and log-ins

Why is this better than phishing?
although it is more difficult to keylog somebody than to phish them it is more effective because it gives you a constant feed as to what theyr typing. why is this useful? because if you phish someone you will only have the information they entered once on your phisher. with a keylogger you will have the password they use, and if they so happen to change that password you will know. and you can view what the type in EVERYTHING

anyways on to the better stuff
how to accomplish keylogging?
the best way to accomplish keylogging is to find the keylogger you want, test it in a sandbox (controlled environment ie your computer.) once youv found the one you want to send out download a file binder, i personally reccomend sfx compiler. what this allows you to do is bind your keylogger to another program or file in order to trick your victim. you can bind your keylogger to a picture of yourself, once the picture is opened so will the keylogger and it will starting logging keystrokes(in short.) this is the handy part here, bind your keylogger to a picture and send it to your girlfriend saying hey i sent you a cute pic of myself or whatever, that part is up to you, use your creativity.

first of all dont try to be to obvious or suspicious with what your doing, make it seem as if what your pretending to do your actually doing... for example dont repeatedly urge them to open a picture you sent them or whatever.
next part is encryption. if you want some added anonymity and assurance your keylogger wont get picked up by an anti virus just encrypt it.
lastly yes people you can get the logs sent to your email its a standard feature on many keyloggers