A Faster Start to Become A Hacker

Posted at Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Faster Start to Become A Hacker

If you are serous about hacking and dont
know were to start then i think this is for you...

Its called Backtrack 3 final

Download backtrack3final.iso you will need a high speed internet connection to download this file

Watch this Video tutorial and make your self a backtrack3final.iso boot able disk

Now that you have your boot able Iso disk you need to put the disk into your cd drive and restart your computer. If you are with me so far then you will see this boot menu

You will need to pick the correct boot option... what boot option works on your computer this is up to you to figure out for your self... just simply press the up or down key and press enter... My labtop will only boot up with the (VESA KDE) option...

Now if backtrack boots up with no errors then you should see something like this

If at any time you see this screen then you need to enter these 3 commands