Fearless KeySpy 2.0 Keylogger

Posted at Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fearless KeySpy 2.0 Keylogger

Much better and easier to use than ardamax

-> server is now 100% assembly, reaching 2.5 KB packed
-> buffer no longer gets lost when victim's box crashes/suddenly reboots/etc.
-> added a "get and execute" feature (see readme)
-> fixed a bug in the editor, that existed in all previous versions
-> some GUI tweaks
-> "remove file" now gets deleted after server remove
-> some features i didn't consider being neccessary were removed

v1.1 b

-> problem regarding editor fixed
-> server is now slightly smaller


-> added a "remove" feature (check Readme.htm to see how it works)
-> improved ftp transfer
-> upload folder can now be set (see Readme.htm for info on this)
-> added an option to set victim name, to differ logs from different victims
-> added the ability to configure the startup methods
-> added 2 other startup methods (there are 5 now)
-> added an option to melt server on installation
-> minor GUI tweaks
-> server is now a bit smaller, despite the new features

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