ULTRASURF - Bypass All Internet Blocking Systems

Posted at Thursday, March 19, 2009

ULTRASURF - Bypass All Internet Blocking Systems

UltraSurf is a proxy application. It will Bypass All Internet Blocking Systems. By using this software you can access all the sites blocked by national / corporate firewalls. It is a free application. It brake all the access list. This application is nothing but just searching the proxy list which is fast and available. It will automatically change our IE’s proxy server to local proxy. That means this application will work as a web proxy server. Most of the schools and co-operates are blocking dating sites like orkut , myspace. And some sites like YouTube ( for bandwidth ). Most of them depending web proxys to bypass them. But they won’t get the full feeling of a normal browsing , because the sites are with banners.

It is a small EXE. There is no need to install the application. Just run in ..


1, 100% freedom to have 100% information in most secure way.

2, It means no matter where you are you can access 100% of internet I mean no firewalls no restriction nothing….

3. Almost all schools, universities and corporate offices raise firewalls to filter out not work related sites, now those firewalls will be of no use or they have to change their plans.

4. Everybody can access various social networks like Orkut, Youtube, Myspace, Hi5, Facebook, Linkedin etc. which are blocked almost in 99% schools and offices.

5. 100% real time and it’s encryption is better then any online banking system.

If you are using browsers other than IE, You have to manually change the proxy settings .

Proxy settings as follows..

HTTP Proxy : Port : 9666

VIRUS SCAN: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/7181fd885c39a5e1d772a77d12726332

It's been detected by two unknown antivirus as suspicious. I assume it is just a false alarm. I think it's safe and I use it everyday. But you download in your own risk.

Here is the Download Link

Download code:



Harsh Agrawal said...

Ultra surf is one of my favorite Proxy software because of it's simplicity and easy to use.