Get Direct TV Moving Service for Free

Posted at Friday, August 07, 2009

Hi my reader!!! Do you have a plan to moving to the new home but you still want to enjoy your Direct Satellite TV service? Don't worry, it will be easy because Direct TV moving service will move your Direct TV system to your new home. You just tell Direct TV where and when you’re moving, and they’ll set up a replacement satellite dish and provide professional installation for everything, including your receivers, for free.

All you have to do is call Direct TV and tell that you’re moving then pack up your Direct TV receivers, remote controls and owner’s manual, and take those with you to your new home. Direct TV distributes programming across the United States such Direct Satellite TV in Florida. You just leave your Direct TV satellite dish behind. After you’re at your new place, they’ll deliver a satellite dish and provide professional installation, at no charge.

Unlike cable and other satellite providers, when you move you can even take Direct Satellite TV service with DirecTV’s Movers Connection free of charge. When you're moving just call DirecTV and tell them where your new address. Leave the satellite dish, take your receiver(s) and remote(s) to your new house and DirecTV will meet you there to install a new satellite dish for free. Because DirecTV broadcasts coast-to-coast, you'll be watching DirecTV in your new home in no time!