MSN DDOS attack Starter Edition

Posted at Monday, August 10, 2009

MSN DDOS attack Starter Edition

1. To strengthen the flow of the attack mode.
2. To strengthen the SYN packet, the host can achieve SP2 category SYN.
3. To strengthen the CC attack, attack web servers to normal, but the site shut down.
4.HTTP empty GET request, is also a CC attack, special attack site.
Debris 5.UDP attacks, so that the firewall once again difficult to defense.
6. The attack software can control the size of the thread.
7. To achieve at the same time attacks on multi-station, self-distribution of the number of

chickens in each target group.
8. The game to attack mode, the gateway to connect a number of specialized brush (non-dummy).
9. Routers gateway attack mode, Internet cafes, as well as the server could not escape black

10.CC attacks, as well as the forum for a dynamic web site good results.
11. Manikin attack mode over the gateway,

Removed a lot of functionality is not complete and perfect version

Streamlined version of English is not very good I am sorry that the Chinese

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MSN-DOOS attacks VIP version of the software up-to-date increase of the new file management screen remote control and remote monitoring function of shell