iStealer 5.0 & Tutorial

Posted at Tuesday, September 01, 2009

iStealer v6.0 is coming soon. You will probably be impressed.

Step 1:
Register at

Step 2:
Go to UserCP.
Click "Create/delete MySQL database"

Name the database what you want, it will include your username.
In this example my username will be "example".
I have named my database "example_db"
Press "Create Database"

Now for the user, I have named mine "example_user"
Password can be anything, mine will be "passw0rd"
Press "Create User"

For Assign Priviledges, make sure the user and database are selected on the list.
When all boxes are ticked, press "Assign Priviledges"

Step 3:
Download iStealer v5.0 (MOD)


Step 4:
Open \iStealer5.1\PHP Logger\index.php and edit the configuration information.
All of the information is commented at the side, it's clear what it is. Leave localhost.

Step 5:
At BAH, go to "File manager" in the User CP and upload index.php & style.css
After this, your iStealer is set up,
Log in there to view your logs. Simple enough.

Step 6:
Open iStealer 5.0.1 and fill in all of the necessary information.
The "Url" will be

[Image: 2lm2w4p.jpg]


Try this picture for guidance if you are having problems: