Getting Software and Stuff on The Net

Posted at Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting Software and Stuff on The Net

Here is short and sweet tut about things you should know about for getting software and stuff

use google with filetype:
bittorrent for big stuff
gnutella 1 & 2
edonkey, i like shareaza for these three.

when getting a torrent that won't copy over due invald filenames(from a unix user) use maketorrent to edit the cached torrent copy shareara keeps then use shareaza bittorrent temporary file chopper to extract it.
for the fasttrack network aka kazza, use kazza lite and if you can't connect with it ask someone to give you a copy of their kazaanet registry key, has the server connect info.
ftp, i use getright to automate grabbing of lots of diff files, from say a web page, cute ftp for bulk transfers.
http, winhttrack to rip sites and files.

if your on dial-up and you want to stay connected look around for a gui button automator, it automaticly triggers buttons you specify when a message box or window pops up (forgot the name of the one i got, needle in haystack ) also use pingit to detect when the line has lost a connection and have it run a batch script using pskill to kill and restart aol or whatever isp soft your using.

edit: don't forget things like codecs (use vlc when possable), commpressed files (zip,ace,rar,tgz) and all of the different cd image types and tools for them eg. isobuster. and one more thing how could i forget this grab mirc and make use of dcc and xdcc.

have fun d/ling. and don't be a total leach upload stuff if you can!

heres some more stuff i use,

to grab google videos without view source

videodownloader plugin for firefox, also for grabbing vids

downloadthemall plugin for firefox for grabing files from links in an html page

rm recorder, for saving realplayer and windows mediaplayer streams as local vid files for watching later.

for searching megaupload

for searching rapidshare

Here are some place i would suggest looking for software before asking for it.


1. torrents (updated by: magic-guy, sunjester)

you can always find a good torrent with what you need.

2. google

google is my first place before even torrent sites. google

can find ccracks, serials, applications, just about anything

that is put online "in the wild" as they say nowadays.

some searches might be...

filetype:txt ext:txt "photoshop 7" "serial:"

3. P2P software

software like limewire, kazzaa, and others are very safe,

you just need to know what your doing when looking for

software that hasn't been tainted. here are some software

for you; if you dont know what to look for. (try for the old LITE one)

4. DC++

this is my favorite warez program in the whole fucking world.

many people know about it, but its not noob friendly, which

keeps good warez going around.

5. IRC and XDCC (updated by: crucialcam)

search with what your looking for with the following sites:

6. Direct Downloads (updated by: kateoma, aureus rector, paradox)

direct downloads are files directly accessible through

your browser, for example