Penis Enlargement

Posted at Monday, June 16, 2008

One of the most effective non-surgical penis health products is the penis extender. There are recommended product of the penis extender such as X4 Labs Penis Extender, Euro Extender and Pro Extender. This penis enlargement device has been effective in treating multiple penis disorders ranging from penile curvature to erectile dysfunction. The medically certified penis enlarger is used and prescribed by renowned doctors worldwide and is a safe non-surgical solution for bent penis, Peyronie’s, erectile dysfunction and permanently increasing the size of the penis.

One of the latest crazes in male enhancement and penis enlargement products is the X4 Labs™ Penis Extender. Replacing the antiquated penis enlargement pump, the X4 Labs™ penis extender was engineered to provide a multitude of benefits ranging from enhancement, enlargement, and correction of certain penile disorders. The X4 Labs™ Extender uses the bodies’ natural ability to adapt, by applying small amounts of force to the penis body skin is forced to regenerate.

After using the EuroExtender™ penis enlargement system you feel that the Comfort Strap is more comfortable and provides better results that silicone tube or noose type penis extenders. If you are already a user of a “noose” type extender, the EuroExtender™’s conversion kit may interest you. It provides better blood circulation, more comfort and better results in a shorter time period.

The Pro Extender is essentially a traditional penis extender, that means the ProExtender™ uses a thin silicone band to secure the penis in place. Some men do find this method more comfortable, however; prior experiences with the device, indicate that the wider strap, such as the X4 Labs™ Penis Extender, is not only more efficient but also more comfortable.