Hacking On Most Nokia Cell Phones Only

Posted at Monday, June 16, 2008

Hacking On Most Nokia Cell Phones Only

Ok, this is VERY simple to do. It is very usefull for either changing your Alpha Tag(The little thing on your phone that has the name of your Service Provider, i.e-Verizon,AT&T-Cingluar)Your phone number, and your Mobile ID number which is what they use to identify what customer to charge. If you were to get ahold of another Nokia users phone, and take their ID, change your ID to that, then they would be billed for your calls, FREE NATION-NATION CALLS! It also gives you the IP Addresses for your carriers servers...

Step #1: Enter into your phone the following


And that is it. A menu should pop up that goes as so:

Change SPC
Server addr.
SW version
Serial number
Field Test

I am not exactly sure exactly what all of these do, but I will explain all I do know.

To access any of the above menu options simply highlight and press select.

NAM 1/NAM 2:
Ok, inside this there 8 Options which are:

Own number (MDN)
Mobile ID number (MIN)
A-Key Code
Alpha Tag
Emergency numbers
Service numbers
CDMA settings
NAM status

NAM 1 and NAM 2 are the same for all I know, I really don't know the difference between the two. They have the same menu options so I assume that they do the same things and that NAM 2 is simply a backup, my cousin never went into that detail. Anyways, let's continue.

Selecting Own Number will bring up a simple screen that has your phone number, and all you do is simply clear what is there and replace your number with whatever number you want. I have not done this because I am not sure whether or not it will mess my phone up. But when changing this you'll need to enter in your area code as it is in actuallity, and then whatever number you want.



The next is your Mobile ID number. This is what your cell provider knows you as. To them you aren't a name but a number. It is in the exact form of a phone number. If you were to access this section of your phone, and then change it to that of another phone, you would charge their phone bill with your phone because the phone company would think that they were making the calls. This is the free calls section if you haven't gotten that yet! I have yet to do this either, due to the fact that my parents pay my phone bill seeing how I am but a teenager. To change this simply select the section and the clear the number and enter the new number.



DO NOT TRY AND CREATE YOUR OWN ID NUMBER! I CANNOT warn you enough on this. It can SERIOUSLY mess up your phone. It is easy enough to swipe someones phone and enter the code and take their MIN.

The next is A-key Code. I do not know what this is. If you select it an empty screen pops up and you can enter in numbers. I will move on from this.

Alpha Tag is the fun thing. You can change your Carrier Tag to anything. Simply select this section of the menu, clear whatever is there.



Then enter in whatever you want.


Donut Boogie
Eat the Meek
Elite Penguin

This allows you to fuck over the corporate dicks that charge you up the ass for a cell phone. It also gives your phone some personality.I tend to change this weekly.

Next is Emergency Numbers, select this and you get the following:

Emergency number 1: 911
Emergency number 2: *911
Emergency number 3: #911
Emergency Number 4: Blank
Emergency Number 5: Blank

Etc. Etc.

These simply set your emergency numbers that you set to call with a "panic button". Really very useless.

Service numbers is the same as Emergency numbers, except they call places of Service rather than places of Emergency.

Service number 1: 611
Service number 2: *611
Service number 3: #611
Service number 4: Blank
Service number 5: Blank

Etc. Etc.

CDMA settings is a VERY COMPLICATED section that I would never mess with. But it allows you to change CDMA settings, which I don't know anything about. You change between CDMA channels,Network codes and Country Codes. Changing your Country code to that of another country will enable your phone to work in that country that your phone is in. I don't know the list of country codes,you can easily find them on a google search I am sure. America's country code is 310.

Next is your NAM status.I don't know the importance of this.You can either Enable or Disable this by selecting it and then selecting either Enabled or Disabled.I wouldn't mess with this.But it is there.

That ends NAM 1/NAM 2. By clicking Exit you will get back to the Main Menu.

Next option is Change SPC. I don't know what teh SPC is,but by selecting it you get a blank screen that asks you to "Enter new code:" If you can figure out what this does then you can enter a new code.Otherwise I would advise staying away from it.

Choosing Security will let you change your security code. The security code lets you access certain things on your regular cell phone menu, things such as clearing call lists.The stock Security code is 12345.This is just something else you can change to add "personality" to your phone.

Selecting Server address will take you to another menu with three sub-menu choices:

Server 1
Server 2
Server 3

By selecting any of these you get the IP Address of your provider.Usually the only one that has an actual IP address on them will be the first server,the other two aren't active.The cool thing about this is that you are able to hack your phone or provider,don't know which,with a hacking tool.I haven't exactly thought about trying this.I am sure if you enter it into something like SamSpade or ModemScan you can trace either your phone or your service provider.

Next is SW version. This just gives you information on your phone. An example:

V G105V1100.nep

This is really unimportant.Let's move on.

The next is Serial number.By choosing this you get your phones Serial number.You can't change this.It is just there in case you need it.It is an eleven digit number. An example:


Next is Program.Accessing this lets you enter the date that your phone was last programmed.I don't see the important of this.It is just another boring aspect to your phone.

The last option is Field Test.By selecting this you get to a screen that has the options Enabled and Disabled.By enabling a field test it sends off a wierd signal that won't stop until you shut your phone off and turn it back on.Once shut off the Field Test is automatically disabled and your phone returns to normal function.

That is it.To return your phone back to normal functioning you have to do one of two things.My phone has the "Back" option,you simply push back until you exit the menu.Other versions of Nokia phones require you to shut your phone off and then back on for it to work.Either way it is a fun and interesting thing to use while bored or if you want/need free service